The Dashboard is your home base for all patient activity. All cases are organized here, grouped into individual cards for each patient. The three tabs of the Dashboard filter these cases in different ways to let you focus on what you need to know:

When looking at the ‘New’ tab, you see all cases with new unread messages. (Any case with unread messages will be highlighted green.) Cases with the most recent messages will appear at the bottom of this page – meaning that patients who have been waiting the longest appear at the top. Simply click on the green bar to open the detail of that case. Once you or anyone else on your team have read a message, it will no longer appear in the ‘New’ tab.

The Flagged view shows all cases that have been flagged by you or anyone else on your team. Cases will remain here until they are un-flagged, which you can do by clicking the flag icon in the header of the case detail page.

This tab lists all cases that have not yet been dismissed. A case is made active when the patient or a provider sends a message or questionnaire within that case – and it will stay active until you or anyone else on your team dismisses the case. You can dismiss a case directly from the dashboard: right-click any case on the Active tab and select “Dismiss Case”. The dashboard will refresh and the case will be immediately dismissed.

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