Our monthly plans provide teams flexibility in using Hale: there are no contract commitments, and you can change your plan at any time. All monthly plans are pro-rated so you only pay for the time you are on the selected plan.

Our annual plans offer teams a discounted price for a yearly commitment and simplify billing into one annual payment. On an annual plan, teams get the equivalent of two months free versus the equivalent monthly plan.

Switching from a Monthly to an Annual Plan
You can switch your Hale subscription from monthly to yearly at any time – which will save your team the cost of two months of licensing fees:

  1. Open Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper righthand corner of your Dashboard.
  2. Select Billing in the lefthand menu, under the Team heading.
  3. Click Upgrade to Annual in the payment section and confirm.

You’ll begin your new annual subscription immediately, and any remaining credit from your previous billing cycle will be automatically applied to your purchase.

Switching from an Annual to a Monthly Plan
To switch from an annual to a monthly plan, please contact Hale Support.

We’ll schedule the change for the end of your current billing period. Note that while you can schedule this switch at any time, the change won’t take effect until the end of your current yearly subscription.

User Licenses on Annual Plans
When you select an annual plan, you commit to the total number of licenses for your team at that time. You can then add and remove team members to use these seats as you wish, but the number of purchased licenses will remain the same through your billing period – even if the number of active team members falls below the number of purchased licenses. If you add more team members above this number, you will be billed for pro-rated licenses for the remaining time in your billing period and your purchased license number will be updated to reflect the new total of active team members.

If you’d like to remove licenses, please contact Hale Support – we will schedule the changes to take effect the next time your annual plan renews.

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