The horizontal bar under the Patient Profile lists all of the patient’s open cases; these are ordered left-to-right based on most recent activity. Simply click one to open its detailed history in the case panel below – the case you are on will be highlighted in the navigation. If the patient has many cases, they might extend off the screen to the left or right. Use the  and  arrows to browse the cases. If you’d like to start a new case for the patient, simply click the  on the left side of this list.

The large area in the center of the screen will show all of the content of the particular case you are viewing: messages, photos, videos, questionnaires, refill requests, etc. You can scroll up and down to see it all – and each item will have detail regarding who sent it and at what time. You can always click attachments (e.g. photos, questionnaires) to see more detail.

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