If you’d like to start a new case, simply click the  on the lefthand side of their case list – underneath their profile photo. This will create a new case, initially named “New Case” and will open up the Compose Box to let you start writing a message immediately.

The best thing to do is first give the case a name: just overwrite “New Case” with a description of the case you’re creating. (Keep it short and simple, like a laymans condition name, as this is what the patient will see when they open the case.) 

Writing and sending a message will create the case for the patient. Until you send a first message, your draft case will not show up for the patient.

If you haven’t sent a message, you can delete a draft case by clicking the link at the top of the Case History. After you’ve sent a message, however, you are not able to delete it – or the case itself.

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