When writing a message in the compose box, click the  in the lower lefthand corner of the screen. This opens the questionnaire browser, which lists all questionnaires available to be added to your message.

Browse the list, search all available questionnaires or use the category filters at the top of the list to find the questionnaire you would like to use. Clicking the  on a questionnaire immediately attaches it to the message.

If you’d like to see more detail about the questionnaire, including the specific questions included, click anywhere else on the questionnaire tile – a preview will be opened for your review. If you’d like to attach it, click “Attach”, otherwise you can close the preview and continue browsing the questionnaires.

If you’ve attached a questionnaire to a message draft but would like to remove it, simply click the  on the righthand side of the green bar.Send the message, along with the questionnaire, just as you would a normal message. Hale will do the rest in delivering the questionnaire to the patient and collecting their responses.

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