Having trouble with your video visits? Start with these solutions to common issues, or let us help.

Nothing happens when I click ‘Join Visit’.
Because Hale opens your visit session in a new window, you’ll need to make sure you have your browser’s pop-up blocker turned off – or set to allow pop-ups from hale.co. In Chrome you’ll know this is the case if a small window with an x appears in the top-right corner of the browser when you try to join a visit. Simply click this and select ‘Always allow pop-ups from hale.co’ and try joining the visit again.

My patient cannot see / hear me.
In Chrome, click the small video camera icon in the top-right corner of the video visit window. Make sure that access to the camera and microphone is not blocked – and select the correct source for each before saving your preferences.

Also, there is currently a known issue when using Google Chrome which can result in the browser being unable to access the microphone. Among other causes, the bug is triggered by putting the computer into “sleep mode” and then waking it up. If you are using Google Chrome and experiencing problems with patients not being able to hear you, try closing the Chrome browser completely and restarting it. This should restore the ability for Chrome to access the microphone.

The connection is choppy or low-quality.
If your video session quality is suffering, first make sure to follow the recommendations above: check that you have a reliable internet connection, close other programs on your computer and encourage your patient to connect to WiFi. If you consistently have trouble, refreshing your browser or completely restarting your computer can sometimes help clear memory and improve performance. 

If you still experience issues, try the diagnostic tests below.I continue to have issues. If your connection continues to be choppy, slow or broken visit the WebRTC Troubleshooter and click ‘Start’ in the top-right corner. This will run through a series of tests of your system and internet connection to identify any potential issues that may be interfering with your visits. If the tests return any unexpected results that you cannot immediately address, share them with us.

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