With just a few clicks, clinical teams can create and send detailed payment requests to their patients—who can conveniently review and complete payment right through the Hale Health app on their phone. Patients have the option of managing their preferred credit cards from within the app, or they can take advantage of direct Apple Pay integration to easily authorize charges with Touch ID.

Setting Up Mobile Payments
Getting started with mobile payments is a snap:

Make sure your team is subscribed to Hale Pro, which includes our full suite of payments tools as well as all of our Premium features. You can learn more about our pricing plans here.

Register your payments account. We’ve worked hard to make setting up your payments account a breeze: in just a few clicks you can provide us with the information needed to accept payments on your behalf and designate your banking account for deposits. It’s that simple — with no requirement to manage a third-party payment service.

Start sending payment requests. You can immediately start requesting payments for video visits, membership fees, co-pays—or any other service. Patients will receive the request right on their smartphone and can easily review and complete payment. (Even with just their fingerprint through our Apple Pay integration!) Payments are quick, secure and both you and your patients will receive itemized receipts of each transaction.

Get daily transfers to your bank account. Transfers for payments collected through Hale are made every day, on a two-day rolling basis. No need to wait any longer for you money to be available.

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