Once you have added a patient to your panel (see ‘How do I add a patient to Hale?) all the patient needs to do is download Hale from the App Store to get started.

If you included their email address and checked the ‘Invite’ box when adding them to your account, Hale will automatically send them an invitation with instructions for getting started. If you did not have Hale invite them, you’ll need to let them know directly that they can download the Hale Health app from the iOS App Store or Google Play store to get started.

They will be asked to verify their personal information in order to link their account to the right entry in your panel – and for security purposes, they’ll be texted a verification code on the phone number you provided. If the patient does not have a mobile phone or is having trouble receiving the verification code, you can always provide the code to them directly: it is listed on their patient record in the Active Patients list.

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