Team Statistics are available for Hale Premium and Hale Pro users: simply click the chart icon in the upper-righthand corner of your dashboard to get started.

With Hale Analytics you can review product metrics, explore how your team uses Hale, and uncover opportunities for further growth and engagement with patients.

Get the most out of your Team Statistics

Designate a Time Period
The drop-down menu at the top of the page will narrow the report to a specific time period – such as the Last 30 Days or All Time.

Drill Down into Charts
The charts included in the report are interactive; simply hover over them to see detailed data for each day, or click the legend to toggle certain data on or off.

Refreshing Statistics
Statistics are calculated and updated for your team nightly – so you’ll always be viewing data up until the full day prior.

Metric Definitions

Note: All metrics will report for activity during the time period – for example, if ‘Last 7 Days’ is the selected time period for the report, the Accounts Activated metric will display the number of patients who activated their Hale account during that time period.


Accounts Activated /The number of patients who activated their account.

Records Created /The number of new patients added to your panel in Hale.

Patients Invited /The number of patients that were sent email invitations.


Cases Created /The number of new cases created, either by patients or team members.

% Patient-Initiated / The percentage of new cases that were created by patients.

% Clinic-Initiated /The percentage of new cases that were created by a team member.

Video Sessions

Sessions Completed / The total number of video sessions completed, defined as sessions that were joined and where a team member clicked ‘End Visit’ to end the session. (Note that sessions are automatically closed if the participants do not join or if the visit window is simply closed without clicking ‘End Visit’ – these sessions will not be included in the total sessions completed metric.)

Average Session Time / The average time of all completed video sessions, measured from when the last participant first joined the session until the team member clicked ‘End Visit’.

Sessions Scheduled / The total number of new video visits scheduled.


Total Messages / The total number of messages (patient, clinic or internal) sent.

Patient Messages / The total number of messages sent by patients.

Clinic Messages
The total number of messages sent by clinical team members to patients.

Internal Messages / The total number of internal messages sent by clinical team members.

Questionnaires / The number of questionnaires sent to patients, whether answered or not.

Photos / Videos / The number of photos or videos sent by patients.

Articles / The number of health education articles sent to patients.

Scheduled / The number of messages sent that had been scheduled to be sent in advance.

Team Members

Messages / The number of messages (patient and internal) sent or received by the team member.
Video Sessions / The number of video sessions the team member completed.

Last Seen / The date of their last login.

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