If you’re not feeling well, have a new health issue or simply want to ask your doctor a question that isn’t related to an existing case, tap to start a new conversation with your doctor. The Hale app will guide you through the process of creating a request for your doctor.

Step One: Tell your doctor what’s going on.
Choose one of the common symptoms in the ‘I have…’ list — or tap the cursor to freely describe how you are feeling.

Step Two: Answer questions to provide more detail.
For common issues, the Hale app will ask you a series of questions to help your doctor better understand your symptoms. Answer the questions one by one — you’ll have a chance to review your answers before submitting them to your doctor.

Step Three: View your new case.
Once submitted, a new case card will be created in your Dashboard. Your initial request – as well as any further communication with your doctor regarding this case – will live within this card.

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