There may be times that your doctor would like to ask you for some information, whether to understand your symptoms a bit more or simply check in on how you’re doing. Instead of going back and forth amongst messages, structured questionnaires make it quick and easy to provide your doctor with the info they need to provide you with the best possible care.

When questionnaires are sent by your doctor, they will be included with a message – similar to an attachment. To answer a questionnaire, simply open a message that has the questionnaire icon, read the note from your doctor and tap anywhere in the green area to launch the questionnaire. The app will then guide you through a series of questions meant to help your doctor better understand what’s going on.

There are different types of questions you may be asked; simply read the instructions and answer each one carefully. If you ever need to go back to change an answer, simply swipe down on the green cards to step back in the questionnaire.

Before submitting your answers, you’ll be shown a summary of your responses. Review these – and if you need to, simply tap “Start Over” to restart the questionnaire.

Assuming you’ve already read the message from your doctor, you may also launch a questionnaire directly from the Notification Center or directly from the “Questionnaires” section of your case card. And if you close out of the questionnaire before you’ve submitted your answers, you can always open it again and keep going. (The app will hold your place, although you may be asked a few questions again depending on exactly where you exited the first time.)

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