HalePro offers a number of powerful features to help you get the most out of remote care. In addition to all the great features already included in Hale Basic and Premium, our Pro Plan includes:

Content Customization
Providers can customize e-visit triage protocols, structured follow-up questionnaires, and patient marketing materials such as the email invitation and welcome message. These types of customizations help personalize the experiencing by setting expectations with patients through a custom welcome message, extending office practices by incorporating practice specific triage protocols and tailoring follow up care with diagnosis specific post treatment questionnaires

Extended Support Features
Providers can schedule up to two hours of product training with one of Hale’s dedicated customer support team members. Training ensures the practice has an understanding of all features Hale has to offer. Training can also include implementation preparation and use case discussions. Providers will also benefit from priority access to the Hale Customer Support team to answer all questions via the in product chat feature or by phone.

Mobile Payment Requests
Hale makes it easy to send detailed payment requests to their patients—who can conveniently review and complete payment right through the Hale Health app on their phone.

Daily Transfers
Funds collected through Hale are accumulated in your payments account and transferred to your bank daily, on a two-day rolling basis

Apple Pay Integration
Patients have the option of managing their preferred credit cards from within the app, or they can take advantage of direct Apple Pay integration to easily authorize charges with Touch ID.

Teams can upgrade to Hale Pro at any time by visiting Billing Settings.

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