Your video visit window includes some key information about the appointment, as well as controls for troubleshooting and completing a visit.

At the top of the window, you’ll find the following details:

  • The avatar and name of the patient scheduled.The scheduled start time of the visit.
  • The duration – which is based on the total time since the clinical team member checked in.

There are then two buttons in the top right:

  • Refresh: This will refresh both the patient’s video stream as well as the provider’s. This is helpful in troubleshooting any issues – sometimes a refresh and reconnect will result in a better connection so always start here if you are having trouble seeing or hearing a patient.
  • End Visit: This will end the visit and close the session. Only use this when the visit is over, as neither the patient nor anyone on the clinical team can join the visit after this is pressed. If you would like to leave the visit and rejoin later, simply close the window.
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