In order to allow your Hale + Allscripts PM integration to sync video visit appointments, you’ll need to create a dedicated appointment type in PM to use for scheduling. This will allow you to simply schedule video visits just as you would any other appointment in PM – and they will then be automatically synced to Hale.

Creating the new appointment type can be done in a few quick steps:

  • In the PM Administration Module, open the Dictionary and select to view Appointment Types in the dropdown menu.
  • Click the green + icon in the top left to create a new appointment type.Name the appointment type. We suggest a simple and straightforward name, such as Hale Video Visit.
  • Specify a unique code for the appointment type, e.g. HALE – take note of this as we will need it to complete integration setup.
  • Complete the rest of the appointment type details and save.

Once this is complete, simply reply to the integration activation email you received with the appointment type code – or email it directly to – and our team will ensure your integration is properly configured with the correct mapping.

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